Being a rockstar is my ideal job. I want to be a great influence rockstar, like Bono of U2. I would find persons who play guitar, bass, drum very well and have the same value with me. After that, I would join the EMI record company and launch my album.

There’s many reasons that why I want to be a rockstar and be good at this job. To begin with, I’m keen on rock music. For me, rock music gives me a feeling of freedom and I think it’s a way to release myself. On the other hand, being a rockstar, I would have a lot of fans. My fans would love me and go crazy for me. Especially when I’m singing for 50,000 fans in a stadium and they shout crazily “Victor! I love you!” What a great feeling! The last reason is the great influence of rockstar. For example, Bono, he is not only make a great influence on music but also on society, environment, peace etc. I want to be the second Bono. I wanna use the influence of a rockstar to appeal everyone love peace, protect our environment and help each other. In a word, being a rockstar is my ideal job. Although it is very difficult to achieve, but anyway I will try!

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